Project Progress

Our Diary entry for October 2019 is below.  If you would like to see how our project is progressing, please take a look.

October 2019

Our latest diary entry for November 2019 is available if you click the link below.  We are making great progress!  Please take a look.

November  2019

Our Environmental song:

Deforestation, global warming and pollution are the worst.  We need to love and respect our planet.  Ecosystems must come first!

Also, please click on the link below to see highlinghts of the London Rolls Royce finals 2019 – it will be our turn next year!


Our December Diary entry can be found below.  Please take a look as we are very proud of our achievements thus far.  Also please share in the magic of our children’s learning by clicking onto the names below.

December 19

If you click onto the link below, you will find our January diary entry.  We continue to work hard and achieve great success.

January 2020

Please find the latest diary entry below.  Lots more progress!!

February 2020

Please find our March diary entry below.  We are very excited about our amazing progress!

March 2020

Our Hive is now structurally complete!  Please take a look at our diary entry for April!

April 2020

Please take a look below at our October 2020 diary entry

October 2020

Please see below our diary entry for November 2020

November 2020

Please see below our diary entry for December 2020

December 2020



Our STEM Hive is taking shape.

We are extremely grateful to Futures Greenscapes for supplying us with wood chippings and logs, free of charge!  They have also given up valuable time to share their skills with us, making wooden seating etc for the children to use in the Hive.  Our new member of the family is a beautiful wooden owl – his name is Dave – after the very skilled man, who carved him!  We also have a salmon called Scott, named after the man who has supported our work from the beginning and helped to bring much of our work to life through our partnership with Furtures Homescapes/Greenscapes.

Our environmental pods have been created within the Hive itself.  Each will be dedicated to a different environmental concern:  Deforestation, Global warming & Pollution.








Our outdoor furniture is beginning to arrive!

We cannot believe what has happened in the space of a few days.  Thanks to Futures Housing/Greenscapes and Travis Perkins and their awesome generosity and hard work, our outdoor environmental STEM Hive has become REAL.  Take a look !

We have a new addition to our amazing outdoor family.  Greta the polar bear sits happily in our global warming pod, happy to help educate on the dangers of climate change and carbon footprints.  She is of course named after the amazing Greta Thunberg!

With thanks to Kador Signs for our beautiful education boards.  The boards illustrate how the industrial world has been influenced by the natural world and three of our boards have been designed by the children.  These boards serve to support families to build on the children’s growing environmental awareness when they are out of school.

Our new STEM Ambassadors from David Nieper Academy have visited our Hive today and have been set their project parameters.  We look forward to their ideas and have high hopes for the creation of safe homes for our wild animal  and insect friends.

The children’s creative explorations continue to grow as they incorporate the resources donated to us by DS Smith into their play.  Our business links have made an amazing difference to the quality and creativity of our curriculum offer.



Business Partnerships.

We are hugely grateful to all the businesses who have supported our work thus far, with generous donations of materials and labour.  The business links are positively impacting on our committment to recycling and the sustainable links within our community.

Futures Greenscapes – natural recycled materials and labour.  Enormous thanks to Scott, Dave, Jade and all the team.

Travis Perkins – For all of our fencing, posts and so, so much more.  We cannot thank you enough for your generosity and support.

DS Smith  – card board products and recycled materials.  With huge thanks to Jess and Jake.

Cosmetics Ltd Complete Car – recycled car parts.  Many many thanks Graham.

Gordon Thorpe Garage – Recycled car parts and tools.  Thanks so much to Gordon.

Darren Parkin Scaffolding – Palletts.  Many many thanks Darren.

Eden Tyres and Servicing – Wheel Hubs  With huge thanks to Ian at Somercotes and Richard at Ripley

All of the above have made our work possible and will remain friends of Alfreton Nursery School for many years to come.  Many thanks to them all.


Other businesses who have been a part of our wonderful project and have sold us many beautiful and edcationally impactful resources are as follows:

Frailloop – ECO Eddy recycled metal sculpture.

Cosy Direct – Educational materials. 

Ripley Reclaimers – Model aeroplane.

Kador Signs – Education/boards

We are learning so much

Using our STEM area in school, children have been exploring the environmental issues we have been learning about.







Maddox had been looking at the strength of different materials and we had found that sticky tape is very stong and won’t snap easily.  He found me later to suggest a solution to the problem of deforestation.  Delightful!


The children have used bricks to symbolise the trees and through their play they have replanted the forests and created hiding places for the animals.



Using the waste cardboard from DS Smith (one of our business link partners), the children have been engineering.  We have had aeroplanes, hair dryers . . .   Very creative!

Children have been using recycled materials to make trees in the rainforest and many different international structures.

Our 8 point project

Our Project has a collective eight point target range.  All of the evidence above provides you with a picture of how each aspect of the project is manifesting itself in a real, impactful and sustainable way.   As you can see we are well on track for complete success!

  • Construction of the outdoor STEM Hive for environmental education of children in school, complete with sculpture, education boards, wildlife area and teaching spaces.
  • Access for parents and older siblings to Education Hive and availability of QR codes, family learning. . .
  • The writing of Teaching and Learning plans for Science, Maths and Environmental Education in the Early Years, which will be a free download on our school website.
  • Construction of permanent indoor interactive STEM structures.
  • Sustainable business partnerships to use and recycle waste produce.
  • Links with David Nieper Academy, to draw secondary students into our school offer and the development of STEM Ambassador roles in school.
  • Termly cross-generational Community Days with STEM focus.
  • Business links to raise the profile of local employment opportunities for parents and to raise future aspirations of children.

Our STEM Hive in use.