Online Safety

The safety of children in school is our highest priority and this includes issues around safe internet use. Children are never left alone to use the internet without an adult and a sophisticated filter system exists to eliminate any possibility of inappropriate content being viewed by anyone in school. Children are also taught that the little red cross in the top right hand corner must always be pressed if anything happens on screen to make them feel unhappy. Our on-line safety message is designed to equip children in later life to have skills to be independent, be resilient when faced with potentially risky and dangerous situations, and to help them with strategies to solve disputes and support others.


Staff are always extremely vigilant when using the internet and if children’s images, records etc are stored, they are always stored in secure areas, controlled by usernames and passwords in line with GDPR requirements. For more information, please speak to a member of staff


Guidance on how to help keep new devices safe can be found by following this link


For the latest information from Safer Derbyshire, please click on the following link


Specific Safeguarding Issues

Specific Safeguarding Issues (taken from Safeguarding & Child Protection Policy – Sept 2017)


There are specific issues that have become critical issues (*are current key concerns in Derbyshire ) in Safeguarding that Schools and Colleges will endeavour to ensure their Staff, (Governors and Volunteers) are familiar with; having processes in place to identify, report, monitor and which are included within teaching:


Bullying including cyber bullying*
Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) and as defined by Working Together 2017*
Domestic Violence*
Fabricated or induced illness
Faith abuse
Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)*
Forced Marriage
Gangs and Youth Violence
Gender based violence/Violence against women and girls (VAWG)
Mental Health
Private Fostering*
Preventing Radicalisation*
On line abuse/Sexting*
Teenage Relationship abuse*
Missing children and vulnerable adults*
Child sexual abuse within the family*
Poor parenting, particularly in relation to babies and young children*


At Alfreton Nursery School Safeguarding is at the heart of our practice, it is everybody’s priority. We ensure that all the specific and critical issues are addressed as needs arise in our school. Linking into our whole school offer, our CEOP ambassadors are working with all staff, Governors and parents to deliver on line safety to a wider audience.

Designated Senior Leads

Safeguarding at Alfreton Nursery School is everyone’s priority. The Designated Safeguarding Leads and Safeguarding Governor take overall responsibility for Safeguarding and Child Protection, providing support to staff members to carry out their safeguarding duties and liaising closely with other services such as children’s social care.


Within any academic year, each DSL should receive up-to-date training for their area/s of responsibility, up-date any policies in consultation with the Governors and take personal responsibility for the dissemination of this training to the SMT, Governing body and all school staff as appropriate. As additional priorities emerge, the above responsibilities will incorporate changes as appropriate


Angela Stanton – Head Teacher
DSL Responsibilities
Lead Responsibility for Safeguarding and Child Protection
Annual Audit with Safeguarding Lead Governor
Safer Recruitment
British Values
MyConcern (Safeguarding management system)


Katie Cresswell – School Business Manager
DSL Responsibilities
Safer Recruitment
Website – links between school priorities and priorities for the Safeguarding Board. Local and national cohesion.
Research necessary training opportunities for all DSLs in school
Management of School Central Record
MyConcern (Safeguarding management system)


Laura Dolby – Teacher
DSL Responsibilities
Prevent Agenda
Extremism and Radicalisation
MyConcern (Safeguarding management system)


Amanda Hubball – Teacher
DSL Responsibilities
Child and Parental Mental Health & Attachment and Trauma Provision
On line Safety and Child Sexual Exploitation
Designated Teacher for Children in Care – Virtual School
MyConcern (Safeguarding management system)


Gill O’Hagan – Chair of Governors
Safeguarding and Child Protection Lead Governor
MyConcern (safeguarding management system)


Information to reviewed annually as part of the school’s Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy