Academically More Able Children - Spring 2018

Acceptable Use of IT Policy

Accessibility Plan

Active Participation by Children in their Own Learning

Administration of Medicines & First Aid Policy

Admissions Policy

Appraisal Policy

Attendance Policy

Behaviour Policy

British Values & Community Cohesion Policy - Spring 2018

Channel Policy & Procedures - Spring 2018

Charging & Remissions Policy - Spring 2018

Child Protection Policy 2018

Code of Conduct for Staff - Spring 2018

Code of Practice for Governing Bodies

Communication, Language & Literacy Policy - Spring 2018

Complaints Policy - Spring 2018

Computer Disaster Recovery & Security Plan

Confidential Reporting Code

Critical Incident Policy - Spring 2018

Curriculum Teaching and Learning Policy

Data Protection Policy

Equality Policy & Procedures

Expressive Arts & Design Policy - Spring 2018

Every Child a Talker Policy

Ferre Laevers Policy

Forest School Policy

Freedom of Expression

Green Procurement Policy

Health and Safety Policy

ICT & Computing Policy - Spring 2018

Inclusion & Behaviour Policy

Induction of Staff

Intimate and Personal Care Policy

Lettings Policy

Library Systems

Managing Allegations Against School Staff & Volunteers Procedure - Spring 2018

Maths Policy - Spring 2018

On-line Safety in a Digital World

Pay Policy

Personal, Social, Emotional Development Policy - Spring 2018

Physical Development Policy

Planning & Evvaluating the Curriculum

Prevent Duty

Prevent Protocal Schols Vs 1 Oct 2017

Privacy Notice

Private Fostering Policy

Promoting Fundamental British Values Policy - Spring 2018

Recording and Assessment Policy

Safer Recruitment Policy

Security Policy

Separated Parents Policy - Spring 2018

Special Educational Needs Information Report

Special Educational Needs Policy

Substance Misuse

Sun Safe Policy

Tackling Extremism & Radicalisation Policy - Spring 2018

Target Setting Policy

Understanding the World Policy - Spring 2018

Violence at Work Policy