The School

Head Teacher - Emma Haywood
Chair of Governors - Gill O'Hagan

If you would like to enrol your child in our school or speak to a member of our school staff, please contact us.

When you contact our school the first person you will speak to will usually be our Head Teacher Emma Haywood, our School Clerk Julia Walters or the school's Business Manager Katie Cresswell.

For any information, please ask to speak to Emma Haywood, Head Teacher or Katie Cresswell our School Business Manager. Thank you

Our staff

All of our staff are dedicated to creating a stimulating and exciting environment in which children and their families can grow and learn. We hope that each member of our school community experiences the warmth and acceptance which underpins the provision in our unique school.


For information on our admissions procedure, please contact Derbyshire County Council. As a maintained Nursery School, we follow local authority guidance.

We believe in every child's fundamental right to a high-quality education, which develops and nurtures their individual talents and interests.


Guidance on childhood illness and help for you to know whether your child should be in school. For more help please contact the school.
Thank you.

Private School Fund

Please click here to see information regarding our Private School Fund

Schools Financial Benchmarking Service

Please follow the link below for further details regarding Alfreton Nursery School's Benchmarking